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Description was launched in March 2006 by Anne-Marie Doyle.

The idea for was born in October 2005 when I was selling a house in Co. Clare. As owner of a website design and internet marketing business (Advanced Internet Marketing), I have many years experience of promoting property websites on the internet. So when it came to selling my own house, I decided to sell it myself. Private house sales are common practice in the USA and in the UK so I had full confidence in selling my own property.

I designed a mini version of the current website and put my property details on it. I then advertised the property in the local press - a small advertisement which directed people to the website. I sold the house within two weeks and the process was very easy and straightforward. Price negotiations took care of themselves as I only had to inform those interested of the latest bids. There were no negotiating skills required!

Having experienced at first hand the process of selling your own home, I knew that it was a service which needed to be offered to Irish property owners. I have great confidence in the website and in the process of selling your own property. Indeed, the website was nominated for a Golden Spider Award in 2006 (Best New Irish Website) and a Digital Media Award in 2007 and 2008(Best Innovation: Business to Conusmer).

Just as people now have the choice between booking their flights on the internet or using the services of a travel agent, I am now offering Irish property owners the choice of selling their own property on the internet or using the services of an estate agent. I found selling our own house to be very simple, I made a huge cost saving and also found the process to be very empowering.

I encourage you to try it for yourself and see how easy selling your own home really can be. You will find lots of advice in our Advice Centre to help you throughout the process, and remember we are always available by email if you need our assistance. I also encourage you to read the testimonials of some clients.

Best Wishes,

Anne-Marie Doyle

Anne-Marie Doyle